Three Steps To Perform After You Leave The Chiropractic Clinic


Visiting a chiropractor for help with your physical pain can provide life-changing results. While the adjustment that will reduce your discomfort takes place within the clinic itself, you can allow the healing process to continue even when you're outside the clinic's walls. The steps you perform after your chiropractic adjustment can impact how you feel; the right steps can complement the treatment you just received, while the wrong steps can negate the chiropractor's efforts. The next time you have a chiropractic adjustment and are getting ready to leave the clinic, think about adjusting your schedule to allow you to implement these three steps.

Find A Stress-Free Way Home

Your body is integrating the chiropractic adjustment in the hours after you leave the clinic, which means it's important to avoid stressful situations. Stress can compromise the body by causing your muscles to tighten, which can pull your recently adjusted spine out of its correct alignment. Given that a significant form of stress can be sitting in traffic, think of how you can get home without having to deal with this stressful situation. The solution could be having a friend drive you home so that you can rest in the car or even making a stop at a store you enjoy to kill time while heavy traffic dissipates.

Don't Fight Your Fatigue

It's common to feel some degree of fatigue after you leave the chiropractic clinic. Don't fight this feeling by having a coffee or other caffeinated product to wake yourself up. Honor the feeling by allowing yourself to rest at home. Prepare for this phase by not scheduling anything rigorous after your adjustment; you might even wish to have your spouse or partner take care of making dinner while you rest. As you rest, remember to keep your spine in a natural position. Falling asleep while slouched on the couch can be detrimental to your back health.

Skip The Tough Workout

Even if you're used to jogging or visiting the gym for a workout, it's best to avoid such activities after you leave the chiropractic clinic. Pushing yourself physically in the hours after the adjustment can be detrimental as it can reverse the adjustment. Many chiropractors recommend some light exercise as a way to keep your body moving. Although you might be feeling a little achy after the treatment, a relaxing form of exercise such as walking might be suitable. If you wonder if a certain exercise is appropriate after your treatment, ask a chiropractor at a clinic like Rockwood Chiropractic for advice.


17 December 2015