2 Reasons To Get A Lift Chair For Your Elderly Loved One

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If you have an elderly loved one that is looking for a comfortable place to sit that offers several other added benefits as well, you should consider purchasing a lift chair for them. This article will discuss 2 reasons why. 

Helps Them To Get In And Out Of The Chair With Ease

While a traditional recliner is excellent for most people to sit in and relax, they can be incredibly difficult for an elderly person to get in and out of. Because of this, elderly people generally tend to avoid recliners. If your loved one misses the comfort of the recliner, but doesn't want to feel trapped when they are in one, they can get the best of both worlds by getting a lift chair. When you purchase a lift chair for your elderly loved one, you are getting them a chair that will essentially look like a traditional recliner, with the added feature of lifting. The back of the chair is going to rise, essentially tipping the seat of the chair forward. This allows your loved one to easily slide out of the chair without having to strain and push themselves. The lift is often activated by a remote control feature, making it quite simple for your loved one to tip the seat forward. The arm rests may even collapse, making it easier for your loved one to slide into a wheelchair if necessary. Lastly, the lift is going to rise to several different levels, making it functional no matter how tall or short your elderly loved one may be. 

You Can Purchase Extra Accessories For The Chair 

While the chair itself is going to be great for your loved one to use, they also have the option of getting some extra accessories to go along with their chair. One great accessory that they can purchase is going to be a tray that hooks onto the side of the chair. This tray is going to be perfect for use for eating a meal, propping up a book that they are reading, or holding things like remote controls, cell phones, etc. This makes it so that your loved one isn't going to have to try and hold these items on their lap, or sit in another location to use them that isn't going to be nearly as easy for them to get in and out of. Other accessories include fabric pockets to hang over the arm rests or a cane and hook attached to the side of the chair to offer your loved one additional support when standing up or sitting down. 


8 December 2016