2 Options For Moving An Elderly Parent Closer To You

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If you are concerned about your elderly parent's care and he or she lives far away from you, it is time to think about moving him or her closer. Moving closer does not necessarily mean moving him or her into your home, but it is one of your options. Here are two possibilities for ensuring your parent is safe and cared for nearer to you.

In-Home Senior Care

When you have a fairly independent parent, moving him or her into your home could possibly be out of the question. Your parent might balk at the idea of relying on you full-time for care. This could lead to a living situation that is uncomfortable for you and your parent. 

One option you can explore is helping your parent obtain an apartment or condo near you. Both housing options excludes your parent from having to maintain the property and do repairs. It also allows him or her to live independently while within a reasonable distance so you can drop by. 

Your family could hire a senior in-home care worker to come into your parent's apartment each day to help with chores, ensure he or she is taking medications, and run errands. Your parent might be more willing to rely on a professional than you. Some people feel relying on family is a burden, while relying on a pro is partaking in a service. 

Retirement Community

A retirement community is another option that you and your parent should explore. A retirement community consists of several apartments that are specially designed for elderly residents. Your parent could receive several services while staying in a community including meals, housekeeping, and medical care. 

A community would allow your parent to live independently while ensuring that there is staff on hand around the clock that can provide medical help if it is needed. Another perk to a community is your parent can choose to take part in only the services he or she needs. For instance, your parent can still cook meals and drive his or her car if desired. 

If your parent's mental or physical health starts to deteriorate, you can add on services to what he or she is already receiving. If your parent reaches the point in which living in the apartment is no longer an option, most communities have a larger facility available for more specialized care, such as ComForcare Home Care - Southwest Missouri

Leaving your parent to his or her own devices is not an option if there are mental or physical health concerns. Moving him or her closer not only helps to ensure good overall care, but also provides you and your family with peace of mind. 


7 November 2014