Iron Deficiency Anemia: What You Need To Know

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One of the most common forms of anemia is iron deficiency anemia. Since your blood plays such a vital role in your overall health, it's important that you understand what this condition is and how to recognize it. Iron Deficiency Anemia A large part of your health and energy depends on oxygen being transferred throughout your body by your red blood cells. This transfer keeps you feeling better and allows you to perform your daily functions.

17 December 2014

2 Options For Moving An Elderly Parent Closer To You

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If you are concerned about your elderly parent's care and he or she lives far away from you, it is time to think about moving him or her closer. Moving closer does not necessarily mean moving him or her into your home, but it is one of your options. Here are two possibilities for ensuring your parent is safe and cared for nearer to you. In-Home Senior Care When you have a fairly independent parent, moving him or her into your home could possibly be out of the question.

7 November 2014

Quit Smoking? How To Get Rid Of Or Minimize Lip Wrinkles

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If you have given up smoking, it immediately increases your health. For example, within 12 hours your blood oxygen carbon monoxide levels are back to normal. Smoking does leave some of its effects behind, however, such as lip wrinkles.  Below are different options that you have to help make these wrinkles less noticeable, or temporarily remove them altogether. 3D Imaging Before you start treatment for lip wrinkles, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon may offer to do 3D imaging.

5 November 2014

5 Tips For Getting The Maximum Benefits From Supplements

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Before taking any dietary supplements, like tr zell p-centa, to better your health, increase stamina or lose weight, you need to know how to take them so they are effective.  If you don't know how to properly take supplements, you can end up wasting your money on them.  Here are some tips to use in order to properly add supplements to your daily routine. Tip #1 - Follow the Instructions Whether it is a supplement you've decided to add to your diet on your own or something your doctor has recommended that you take, you need to follow the instructions on how to take them.

4 November 2014

Three Common Problems That Parents Of Teenagers With Epilepsy Face And How To Deal With Them

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Raising a teenager can be difficult, but when you have a teenager with epilepsy, you have additional problems to face. The normal things that make parents of teenagers worry constantly, such as whether their child is being safe while driving or if their child is drinking or taking drugs, are amplified for your family because these "normal" teenage issues could pose significant health risks for your child. But, knowing is half the battle.

29 October 2014

Is Acupuncture Safe When Taking Prescription Medications?

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Although there are different styles of acupuncture, generally, it's safe for most people to receive acupuncture treatments at the same time they receive conventional medical treatments. That includes taking prescription medications. But like other health care providers, you need to give an acupuncturist your detailed health history before starting treatment. Keeping Your Acupuncturist Informed While acupuncture won't necessarily interfere with pharmaceutical medications you are taking, your acupuncturist still needs to know about any medicines you take so that they can make informed decisions for the best outcome.

23 October 2014

Let Your Glasses Say Something About Your Personality

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Sure, you need your glasses, or you wouldn't be wearing them, but you've always relied on contacts outside of the house. You kept your glasses around for whenever you removed your contacts, like after work or before bed. Your glasses only came out of the house in emergencies (or when you were pretty sure that no one you knew would see you). Now, it's time to put your contacts aside, and get a great pair of eyeglasses instead.

22 October 2014

Carrots And Corneas: Can Eating Carrots Really Help Your Eyesight?

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Ever since you were a child, you've probably heard that eating carrots is good for you because they will help your eyes to see better. Before you keep on downing these orange vegetables, it's important to get to the truth of the matter. Where did this belief come from, and is there any validity to it? You're about to find out. What's So Special About Carrots? The short answer is nothing.

21 October 2014

3 Ways Having Braces Can Affect Your Life

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Braces are a wonderful tool for fixing a wide range of dental problems. But braces are also a long-term commitment that require some changes to your daily life that you might not think about in advance. Thankfully, these changes are manageable with some thought and planning. Here are three ways having braces can affect your daily life. French Kissing Many older movies and books portray the title, brace-wearing character suffering a disaster when trying to kiss someone.

21 October 2014

Life After LASIK: Using Contacts After The Procedure


Laser vision correction procedures like LASIK have offered countless patients the gift of clearer, better sight. While the vast majority of these procedures go off without a hitch, there are a few cases where further corrective action is necessary after the surgery. Custom contact lenses can help reduce and correct many of these post-surgery issues. Why You May Need Post-Surgery Contacts Of the 600,000 LASIK procedures performed each year in the U.

20 October 2014