How To Minimize The Side Effects Of Hormone Replacement Therapy


There are some risks associated with hormone replacement therapy. For example, you can increase the risk that you suffer from heart disease as a result of the treatment. But by taking certain preventative steps and by choosing the right treatment options, you can reduce your risk.   

Decide On the Right Treatment for You

Depending on the conditions you are trying to treat through hormone replacement therapy, there might be a specific product with a specific method of delivery that might be right for you. The conventional and most-studied way to take a hormone replacement medication is to take a capsule. But this treatment has been found to have some harmful side effects and other treatments are sometimes preferred.

Learn About the Newer Hormone Replacement Options

For example, if you only have vaginal symptoms, you may only need a low-dose vaginal cream. By minimizing your exposure, you will reduce the symptoms you are suffering from while also avoiding the symptoms associated with hormone replacement therapy. There are also some concerns that oral hormone replacement medications can cause liver problems, but the patch completely avoids the liver, as well as the creams. Since the cream only affects the local area, the risks of the effects traveling to other parts of the body are reduced.

Take a Smaller Dose

Another way to minimize the side-effects of the therapy is to simply take a smaller dose. Your doctor will be able to determine which dose can still have an impact while having fewer harmful symptoms. The treatment may be tried for a shorter period initially. Then, depending on the impact of menopause, the strength and duration of the treatments might be increased.

Visit Your Doctor Frequently

By regularly seeing your doctor, you can be screened for the effects both of the hormone replacement therapy treatment and the impact of menopause on your body. Then, by being fully informed, you can determine how much more you'd like to proceed with this therapy.

Take Better Care of Yourself

There are other treatments that can be carried out either as a supplement for hormone therapy or as an alternative to hormone therapy. To protect yourself from hot flashes, you can have a cool place to go to. Limit your consumption of alcohol. Also, engage in relaxation techniques to keep yourself calm. Making better lifestyle decisions can reduce the symptoms of menopause and will allow you to rely on hormone replacement therapy less often.

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13 August 2015