Relive Your Tinnitus With These Acupuncture Exercises

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If you can't get in to see your regular acupuncturist, here are a few acupuncture inspired exercises that you can do at home to help relieve the constant ringing in your ears from your tinnitus. These at-home exercises along with regular treatments from your acupuncturist can help you battle your tinnitus.

#1 Fix Your Kidney Meridian

Chinese acupuncture divides your body up into different meridians, or areas. When you suffer from tinnitus, Chinese acupuncture believes this is because that your kidney meridian is not quite right. There is too much pressure buildup around both your lower backs and your kidneys.

To relieve this pressure, you need to lay on a hard surface with your back flat. Try to avoid laying on a surface that is too soft and cushy, as your back will not be as flat and straight as necessary.

While lying with your spine straight, bring both of your knees together to your chest, and hold them there by wrapping your arms around your knees if you can comfortably do so. This position will help straighten out your spine. Hold this pose for about ten seconds, then straighten out your legs. Repeat these steps until you have completed this exercise nine times.

Do this exercise on a daily basis between appointments until your tinnitus subsides.

#2 Apply Pressure Where Your Head & Neck Meet

Another area that acupuncturists believe contributes to tinnitus is the area where your head and your neck meet. This is where your head connects to the base of your spine. At this location, there are two neck muscles on either side of your head that extend from the base of your head to your shoulders.

Take your fingers and apply pressure to this muscle on both sides, starting as close to your head as you can. Apply this pressure for ten seconds, then release. Work your way down your neck, applying pressure for ten seconds and letting go. Repeat this process again, this time just focusing on the base of your head, holding for ten seconds and letting go multiple times.

This exercise should help relieve the pressure in this location and hopefully help provide you with some relief from your tinnitus.

#3 Address The Pressure Point Below Your Ears

Another primary component of acupuncture is the use of pressure points. One of these pressure points is right below your ears.

To find this pressure point, place your hands below and behind your ears. They should be resting between your neck and your ears. Right behind your ears, you should be able to locate a shallow area. Use your fingers to gently massage this spot. As you massage, try to breathe slowly in and out. Massage this area every day for around five minutes.

Combine the three above exercises with regular appointments with your acupuncturist to relieve and hopefully remove the ringing in your ears. 

For more information, contact Acupuncture is My Life or a similar organization.


26 September 2016