Tips For Modifying Or Removing Existing Tattoos

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Many people have existing tattoos they regret, whether it is the name of a former partner or a cartoon character they have outgrown, or visible tattoos may limit their employment opportunities. Fortunately, there are several ways to modify or remove tattoos and start over.

Consider A Cover-Up

The easiest and often least expensive method is to modify your existing tattoo. It is typically easier to modify your tattoo if it is not large and does not have intricate artwork. Many local tattoo shops provide samples of their work online. You may want to choose a tattoo artist who can showcase elaborate ink work or samples of tattoo modification. By working closely with a tattoo artist, you can typically find a compromise on a design that will both cover up your existing work and is something you do not mind showing off.

Research Laser Removal

Tattoo laser removal often takes numerous sessions to achieve desirable results. When you are considering laser removal there are factors that may affect your results, such as the ink colors in you existing tattoo and your own skin. Some ink colors, such as red, can be difficult to remove due to the rich pigment and may require additional treatments to remove. Additionally, when your skin is similar to the color of your tattoo, it might be harder for the laser to distinguish between the two, which can require more fine-tuning of the laser to yield acceptable results.

Deeper skin tones may have other considerations when choosing laser removal since some lasers do not work well on brown skin. If you have a deeper skin tone, you may need to decide if the possibility of changes in pigmentation (hyperpigmentation or depigmented areas) is acceptable in exchange for removing the tattoo. Skin that scars easily or is prone to keloids may also translate into a raised scar after laser treatments.

Check Out Programs

For some people who want their tattoos removed, it is a way to finish severing ties with their gang affiliation. Fortunately, some programs exist that are offer free laser tattoo removal to eliminate gang tattoos. Not only is this helpful for people who have turned their lives around and left gang activity, but it may also change the public's perception about former gang members. Having identifiable gang tattoos can be a hindrance in relationships, employment, and education, which can lead some former gang members to feel like they can never reintegrate into society.

Making a mistake regarding your body art should not leave you branded for life. Fortunately there are several resources available when you want to modify or remove an existing tattoo.


30 November 2016