Tips For Choosing The Best Lift Chair


If you have a mobility issue, but want to sit comfortably in your living room, then it may be in your best interest to purchase a lift chair. Lift chairs are recliners that lift you from a sitting to a standing position. There are a variety of different chairs you can buy with features that specifically fit your needs. When looking at the chairs, consider the following features.

Three Or Infinite Position Chairs

Like most recliners, lift chairs have different positions to allow you to sit comfortably. Most of the chairs have a footrest that pulls out as the chair reclines backward. Some chairs recline a bit more than others, and the chairs are called three position varieties. Three position chairs are fitted with a single motor that moves the back and bottom of the chair into different positions. The footrest can typically be operated with a pull lever or other type of mechanism. 

If you have a circulation issue and your doctor asks you to elevate your legs, then a simple type of lift chair may not be enough. In this case, you may want more control over the back of the chair as well as the footrest so you can place your body into a flat zero gravity position. Infinite position chairs offer this feature and have two motors that work separately to lift and adjust the chair.

Infinite position chairs also help to relieve pressure on the legs and ankles if you experience swelling, so keep this in mind when looking at your options.

Petite Options

Lift chairs are often extremely heavy, with many chairs weighing several hundred pounds a piece. This weight is due to the motor as well as the heavy steel frame that holds your body in an upright position as the chair moves. 

If you are the type of person who likes to rearrange your living room or if you plan on moving at some point soon in the future, then it may be wise to search for a lift chair that you or one of your family members can move easily. For a lightweight chair, look for a variety that is described as petite. These chairs are usually narrow with shorter backs to them. Chairs without footrest extensions are lighter as well and work well if you are a short individual.

If you do decide that a larger and heavier chair is the best option for you, then scope out a good spot in your home for it before you buy it. The space should be close to an outlet since lift chairs need to be plugged in. Also, the cord should be more than long enough to reach the outlet, or you should invest in a heavy duty extension cord so the chair has the electricity it needs. For more information, visit a site like


19 January 2017