3 Tips For Recovering From Knee Surgery

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Recovering from knee surgery can be a lengthy process, but there are specific things you can do to help speed up healing and reduce pain and discomfort. Making a plan before your surgery for how you will handle your recovery time can help ensure that things go more smoothly. Here are three tips for recovering from knee surgery:

Follow Your Physical Therapy Requirements Religiously

Soon after your surgery, your surgeon will suggest that you begin physical therapy exercises at home and perhaps also refer you to see a physical therapist. Your specific physical therapy suggestions will vary depending on the specific type of knee surgery you have and your overall health and mobility, but the important thing is to heed them very carefully. 

Physical therapy exercises are crucial for helping you build strength and flexibility in your knee as well as the surrounding muscles and tendons. Being diligent in your physical therapy can reduce pain and help you begin walking without crutches and living a normal life free of knee pain much more quickly than if you avoid the exercises or only do them some of the time.

Give Your Body What It Needs to Heal

While your knee surgery is designed to make your knee stronger and more functional than it was before, in the meantime your body is undergoing a lot of stress. Any surgery requires your body to focus its energy on healing, and you can assist this process by giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal. Lean protein like fish and chicken, whole grains, and plenty of veggies and fruit each day can all help your body to heal.

You may also want to increase your daily fiber intake (fruit, oatmeal, and grains like quinoa are a great way to do this), to counteract the constipation effect that anesthesia from your surgery and pain medication can have.

Make Use of a Knee Brace if Your Doctor Approves

Some knee surgery patients find that wearing a knee brace for a few weeks or even months after surgery makes them feel more comfortable and keeps their knee feeling stable and protected during the recovery process. Rather than buying a generic knee brace online, it's better to ask your orthopedic doctor for their specific recommendation. This way you will ensure you have a knee brace that helps, instead of impedes, your healing progress.

Recovering from knee surgery won't be fun, but by following these tips you will make things as easy on yourself as possible. For more information, contact companies like Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PC.


21 February 2017