Why STD Testing & Treatment Is Crucial for Women Who May Have Chlamydia

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Sexually-transmitted diseases are a difficult problem, particularly those like chlamydia that can be hard to detect. For sexually-active women, chlamydia is often a serious problem. Here is why STD testing and treatment for this disease is such an important task.

Not All Women Will Show Symptoms of Chlamydia

Chlamydia is often called "the silent" sexually-transmitted disease because of the rarity of symptom development. For example, studies have shown that only a small portion of women with this disease actually develop symptoms. Some estimate that as few as five percent of women ever develop symptoms of chlamydia while others state that up to 30 percent are likely to show symptoms.

In either scenario, that is less than half of those infected. As a result, at most one-third of all women with this STD ever develop symptoms. This is a major problem for anyone who is sexually active because chlamydia is a serious disease that can lead to a multitude of problems in women.

It Can Be Dangerous if Left Untreated

While chlamydia can be a serious disease in men, it is often a dangerous one in women. The bacteria that makes up this disease will affect the cervix upon initial infection. Without treatment, it will spread through the fallopian tubes and to other areas of the body. Unfortunately, this can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, or even fatal pregnancies.

Even more shocking, women who suffer from this disease are more likely to get the HIV virus if exposed to it. That's why it is so important to get it managed in a safe and effective way. Failure to do so could leave a woman exposed to personal health problems that just aren't worth the risk.

Testing & Treatment Methods

Some women may be embarrassed to go to a doctor and get an STD test for chlamydia. However, it has to be done because of the potential dangers of the disease. It should also be done because it is a fairly simple disease to treat properly.

STD treatment for chlamydia is as easy as receiving antibiotics to kill the bacteria that causes the infection. This is typically done either via a shot or by oral medication. Treatment should be undertaken as soon as possible because, according to the CDC, any permanent damage done to the body will not be reversed by it.

Anyone who may have been exposed to this disease needs to visit a doctor right away and get tested and treated for it. It can help clear up the infection quickly and restore a woman to her original state of health. Learn more by contacting an STD treatment center. 


28 February 2017