Are You Prepared For An Emergency? Why Your Employees Should Receive AED Training Along With Their CPR Classes

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When someone is having a heart attack, they need to know that the people around them are prepared to help. That's where AED training comes in. AED, which stands for Artificial External Defibrillators, are often the first line of defense when someone is having a heart attack. If you operate a business that experiences a steady flow of customers throughout the day, you owe it to them to sign your employees up for CPR and AED training. This will ensure that your employees are ready to react when they're called upon. Here are just four of the reasons why AED training is so vital.

Rapid Response Saves Lives

When someone is having a heart attack, every second counts, especially when it comes to AED devices. In fact, for every minute that defibrillation is not provided, a persons chances of surviving a heart attack are decreased by about 7 to 10%. If you have an AED on the premises, and your employees are trained to operate the device, they could save the life of a person who is having a heart attack.

There May be No One Else To Step In

When it comes to saving the life of someone who is having a heart attack, immediate help is crucial. Unfortunately, most people have not received AED training. Unfortunately, that means that most heart attack victims will not receive the care they need in those crucial first minutes. However, if you, and your employees are trained on the proper use of an AED, you'll be prepared to step in where no one else can.

9-11 Takes Valuable Minutes to Arrive

When someone is having a heart attack, emergency assistance should be called for immediately. Unfortunately, even after you call 9-11 first responders can take several minutes to arrive, especially if all available paramedics are across town, or involved with other emergency patients. That's valuable time that could be spent providing assistance to your customer. To make sure your heart attack victim receives help during those few crucial minutes while you're waiting for first responders to arrive, ensure that your employees all receive AED training.

AED Enhances CPR Use

If your employees are all CPR certified, that's a good start. CPR and AED go hand-in-hand when providing emergency medical help for someone having a heart attack. In fact, AED enhances CPR use by helping the heart get back into a normal rhythm.

Be prepared for an emergency. Make sure your employees are trained on AED use, and that you have a unit on the premises.


21 September 2017