When To Hit Up Immediate Care Or Your Doctor For The Flu

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It is hard to avoid all the reports that the primary virus going around for the flu this year is really strong. If you are worried about the severity of your cold or flu symptoms, going to an immediate care or to your primary care doctor is the right way to assess your condition and get the assistance you need.

High Fever

One of the things you need to keep an eye on when you have the flu is your temperature. If you get a really high temperature, and it doesn't break after you drink lots of water and get rest overnight, you should go to the immediate care center. A prolonged fever may require assistance for you to fight and can really takes its toll on your body.

If you have a fever, it goes away, and then it comes back again, that is another sign that you should seek help for the flu. Your fever and flu may be stronger than you think it is and may require some internal medicine for you to kick it.

Trouble Eating & Drinking

Second, you should still be able to eat and drink when you have the flu. If you are not able to eat, you will not be able to keep up your strength. If you do not drink, you will get hydrated, which will only make the effects of the flu worse.

If you really can't bring up the strength or ability to eat or drink, you need to get to the doctor so you can ensure that you stay hydrated.

Worsening Respiratory Issues

The thing with the flu is that it weakens your body, which makes your body more susceptible to sickness. If you have worsening respiratory issues that don't seem to get better, you may have caught another respiratory illness in addition to the flu. Many people come down with an illness such as pneumonia when their body is weakened by the flu.

Return of Symptoms

Finally, if it seems like you were getting better from the flu, and then the flu comes back with strength, you are going to want to see your doctor. When your symptoms come back after you have started to get better, you could be coming down with something else.

If you are not sure about how you are feeling, it is always a good idea to get a medical second opinion about what is happening to you. That way, you can get the anti-viral care you need and get additional support if needed.


26 January 2018