Three Reasons Why A Family Dentistry Practice Should Be Your Main Dentist

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Family dentistry, also known as general dentistry, takes in all kinds of patients. They are not just pediatric dentists or denturists. They are a full-blown, full service dentistry practice. If you do not feel as though a family dentistry is right for you, consider the following reasons why you should go to a family dentistry clinic.


A family dentistry is all about convenience. You can schedule your appointment on the same day and time as your kids' appointments and your elderly parents' appointments (if you want). Everyone gets their teeth cleaned all at the same time. If anyone needs a cavity filled, you can schedule those appointments on the same day too, and often back to back if not simultaneously.

Family Discounts

Many dentists and orthodontists provide family discounts when more than one family member is seen in the same clinic. If you do not have dental insurance, this is a huge deal. If you do have dental insurance it is still a big deal because it cuts down on the out-of-pocket amount you have to pay for co-pays and stuff not covered by your insurance.


Whether you are dealing with your parents' dementia, or your children's autism, familiarity is extremely important. Kids with autism will associate positive experiences with places they have been to often and have had a pleasant visit there. Elderly parents with dementia need surroundings that help them remember what is happening and what will be happening when they return to the same spot. There are a whole host of other reasons why familiarity means so much to people when it comes down to dental and medical care, but you get the general idea.

So Easy to Find the General Dentist or Family Dentist

If you are ready to find a dentist for the whole family, it is not difficult. Unless otherwise advertised, most dentists are general practice or family practice dentists. That means you can select just about any dentist in the general area, and come up with a dentist who will take care of everyone's teeth or dentures.

If you are really good at hunting down a family dentist, you may find one that is an orthodontist too, or who has an orthodontist working in the same office. This is a plus, since kids need braces and it is no fun driving them to dental and orthodontic appointments at different offices. Again, it all goes back to convenience. Contact a dentist, like Olson, Brant N DDS PA, for more help.


5 April 2018