Answering 3 Of Your Hearing Aid Questions

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Without the ability to clearly hear, you can find that your life is impacted in a variety of ways. While hearing aids are among the most common solution to this problem, it can be difficult for those that are inexperienced with using these devices to understand what they should expect from owning one of these devices.

1. Can The Volume Of The Hearing Aid Be Adjusted?

It is often assumed that the volume of the hearing aid cannot be adjusted. Yet, this is not the case at all. In fact, most manufacturers will make it fairly simple for individuals to adjust the volume of their hearing aid. However, if you find that you are having difficulty with hearing while using this device, you may want to visit your audiologist as this could indicate that your hearing has suffered further deterioration.

2. How Do You Clean The Hearing Aid?

Cleaning the hearing aid is important for preserving its performance. Over time, the hearing aid will start to accumulate large amounts of ear wax and dirt on it. These substances can be extremely effective at blocking the sound waves from exiting the hearing aid. This will have the result of severely decreasing the performance of the hearing aid. When this starts to occur, individuals may assume that they will need to replace their hearing aid, but a thorough cleaning may be able to restore its performance. When cleaning the hearing aid, using a cotton swab to gently but thoroughly remove any substances from the exterior of the hearing aid.

3. Are There Indications When The Battery Is Failing?

To function, the hearing aid will require a steady supply of power from the battery. Due to this, individuals are often concerned about the battery failing on the unexpectedly. Yet, hearing aids are designed to give you a warning when the battery is approaching the end of its life. This is often in the form of an audio warning. The amount of battery life that is left after this warning will vary depending on the design of the hearing aid. However, it will usually be at least several hours of usage left before the battery fails.

If you are suspecting that you will benefit from the use of a hearing aid, it can be beneficial to learn more about these devices. In particular, knowing that it is possible to have the volume adjusted on the hearing aid, the steps for cleaning the hearing aid and the fact that you will be warned before the battery fails will enable you to be an informed hearing aid patient.

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23 May 2018