Many Medical Conditions Treated With The Use Of Medical Marijuana

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Getting policy makers, research scientists and doctors to agree about the merits of medical marijuana is a tall order. Some are not sure whether medical marijuana is safe. Some question whether it has been proven to be effective, and they want to know what conditions benefit from this product. Others think it's a sneaky attempt to fully legalize marijuana, and they question how teenagers can be barred from having access to it. While all this talk goes on, it cannot be overlooked that approximately 85 percent of Americans do support legalizing medical marijuana. It's not politically advantageous for the government to override the will of the people, especially when estimates reveal that about seven million Americans are currently using the product anyway.

About Cannabidiol Extract

Cannabidiol known as CBD is a component of marijuana and is one of more than one hundred other active components identified in the plant. There is no high when cannabidiol extract is used to address medical conditions. Patients who use CBD for their medical conditions say that they experience little or no alteration in their consciousness. CBD relieves anxiety, insomnia, pain and jerkiness. It has the potential to successfully treat epilepsy and particularly a known childhood epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome. Dravet is tagged as being impossible to control. Interestingly enough, Dravet is controlled dramatically by Charlotte's Web, which is an aptly-named CBD-dominant strain of marijuana.

Other Treatments With Medical Marijuana

Pain control using medical marijuana benefits patients greatly. It's successfully used for chronic pain, which affects millions of elderly Americans. Medical marijuana is safe and you won't overdose while using it. The product is known to diminish the pain of multiple sclerosis and nerve pain. Patients assert that while using medical marijuana, they are able to resume previous activities without experiencing a feeling of disengagement.

Helping Parkinson's Disease Patients And Other Diseases

Patients suffering from Parkinson's disease say marijuana lessens the tremors that are related to this disease. It's successfully used for treating endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and even fibromyalgia. The product also serves as a great muscle relaxant. If you have glaucoma, marijuana is being used to treat this devastating eye disease. PTSD in veterans returning from war zones is successfully treated with this product as well. There is drastic improvement in their condition. Medical marijuana treatments cover such a wide array of disease symptoms, and research keeps discovering other ailments that can benefit from this powerful plant.


10 December 2018