Breast Cancer — What You Might Expect Vs. The Reality Of The Situation

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Unfortunately, breast cancer isn't uncommon today. Experts say that close to 300,000 cases will be diagnosed by the end of a single calendar year, and the disease affects 12 percent of women. Because of the severity of this disease and how widespread it is, a lot of misconceptions and misinformation have been spread over the years. If you happen to get diagnosed, the best thing you can do for yourself is root yourself in reality so that you have the right information to get through it. 

Read below to get an idea of your expectations of breast cancer, versus what you should actually prepare yourself for. 

Start by getting a sure diagnosis, and prepare yourself for the fight

The sooner you get a thorough doctor's diagnosis, the sooner you will be able to buckle down and fight this disease. When you aren't all the way in, it's easy to be swayed by misconceptions and fear. For instance, only a very small number of cancer cases are hereditary. Many people think that it runs in their family, but this most likely isn't the case. 

Select a doctor that can be very thorough and helpful to you, so you don't get lost in this misconception. For instance, a lot of people begin stressing out about their hygiene products or birth control pills, because stories have been written about them causing cancer. Find a doctor who can provide accurate information. The more you know about this disease, the more you can put such misinformation to rest. 

Prepare yourself for treatment and take pride in your recovery

Going through chemotherapy or any other cancer treatment is a mental exercise as much as a physical one. You will need to be able to calm your mind and get as comfortable as possible for long and frequent periods of time as you go through breast cancer treatments and the recovery process that comes with those treatments. 

You should go through therapy sessions outside of chemo to help you develop the right mindset. The entire process can take a lot out of you and have you go through a series of emotions. Information is the antidote to unnecessary fear, so always ask your medical professional plenty of questions. There are several different types of chemotherapy possibilities for treating breast cancer, so learn as much as you can before your appointments.

Use these tips to get the best from your breast cancer survival journey.  


6 March 2019