Are You Recovering from a Bad Fall?

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Did you fall while playing sports? No matter the reason that you took a bad fall, maybe your entire body is just plain sore. You likely want to know how to get back on your feet as soon as possible. From taking steps at home to arranging for aquatic therapy services, here are some ideas that might help.

Things You Can Do at Home

Start with a warm bath. Not just a dip, but a long soak in water that has been infused with Epsom salts. After you get out of the bathtub, rub your entire body with over-the-counter healing balm. Of course, you might have to get some help to get your back covered. 

After the long bath, take turns using a heating pad and a cold compress — the kind of compress that you put in the freezer. Think of buying two of them so that one can be in the freezer while you're using the other one. Take it easy for a day or two, but do some walking around, too.

Things You Can Do Through Aquatic Therapy Services

Head to a gym that has an indoor heated swimming pool. You might get some real relief from your horrible fall by simply swimming gentle laps, or by walking across the shallow end of the pool. If there is a hot tub close to the pool, think of using that, too.

Another idea is to take advantage of aquatic therapy services. At first, the person with whom you talk will want to make very sure that you for sure don't have any broken bones. You'll probably have to fill out a questionnaire about where the pain in your body is. When the person who reads your information sees that your entire body hurts, he or she will go into more details about why aquatic therapy could help you.

The person who leads the aquatic therapy service will have the training and the experience to know exactly which routine you should do. At first, he or she will stay with you to make sure you know how to do each movement. Eventually, he or she might work with somebody else while you do your workout. You might even be part of a group that exercises together. Overall, you will find yourself getting stronger and you'll feel less pain.

If you're interested in learning more about aquatic therapy services, contact local clinics nearby.


15 April 2019