Answering All The Needs Of Nursing Home Residents

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The aging population in America continues to grow, as people are living longer lives. Facilities that serve this population must find ways to invite customers into their facilities. The demand for suitable senior living is enormous. It will be a question of survival of the fittest facilities, if the industry does not become more innovative in design and associated services that appeal to seniors and their supportive family members..

Creative Design

There are too many old building designs, which leave room for criticism. New modes being planned are focusing on how to drop the old model and reach for more creative design. Take, for instance, the matter of privacy for facility customers in a nursing home. Nursing home patients and their families want services and building design that optimize thoughtfulness for their loved one's dignity and privacy. Seniors like the baby boomers make it known and are very vocal about what they want. That's okay, because they can speak for themselves. What about seniors in a nursing home facility?

Addressing Dated State Building Codes

State building codes must adjust and design living quarters that give nursing home residents a degree of privacy. Traditional designs are drab and leave the occupants with only a curtain that separates them from others, in a shared room. Elderly residents are not prisoners, and their privacy should be respected.

Avoiding Mix-ups With Better Design

That awful institutional curtain must go away and as soon as possible. One family member came to visit her elderly loved one in a nursing home, but her loved one was out of sight, in the room. Lo and behold, the visitor was first met inside by her elderly relative's roommate. The roommate greeted this visitor with a loving and wide smile that showed her top teeth. That would have been okay. The problem is that the roommate was innocently wearing a denture that belonged to the visitor's elderly relative. Some elderly patients may wander, sometimes, but had the room been designed with some degree of privacy, and not a curtain, for objects belonging to each resident, the outcome might have been different.

Out With The Tub Rooms

It's also not acceptable, anymore, to bathe nursing home patients in a tub room with other residents. Innovative senior living facilities now build single rooms for their customers, and each room is equipped with its own bath, sink, toilet and shower for the privacy of residents.

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28 June 2019