Why Do Most Healthcare Employees Wear Scrubs While Working?

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There are many different job roles in the healthcare field. Nurses, physical therapists, surgeons and physicians are only a few that have a variety of different duties to perform while caring for their patients. One thing that most healthcare workers have in common is that they usually wear scrubs while on the job. These are some reasons why most healthcare employees wear scrubs while working.


Many healthcare facilities clean their employees' scrubs for them with high-quality cleaning agents and heat on a regular basis. This means that scrubs are usually cleaner than an employee's own clothing that is washed at home. This helps keep bacteria and germs from being spread from the healthcare employee to the patient.

Identifying Contaminants

While working in a healthcare facility, it is not unusual to get a variety of different types of body fluids from the patients onto the clothing of healthcare workers. Many health facilities require that workers wear scrubs that are a solid color. This allows those wearing them to better identify any contaminants that may get splashed on the scrubs while caring for patients. In doing so, the healthcare employee may be more able to determine what health issue the patient has.

Convenience and Accessibility

Many brands of scrubs are designed with special pockets or loops that can be used to hold various types of medical equipment. This helps those who work in healthcare to always carry the items they use most frequently with them while they are working. For instance, some scrubs have a loop built into the legs of the pants where medical scissors can be carried safely.

Identifying the Healthcare Employee

When patients or visitors see someone wearing scrubs in a medical facility, they instantly know this person is a healthcare employee. If an emergency situation arises where medical assistance is needed immediately, a patient or visitor knows a person wearing scrubs can help them or get help for them right away.

Cost Efficiency

Scrubs are also often inexpensive. This allows the employee who wears them to purchase additional scrubs at an affordable price as needed. If a scrubs uniform becomes damaged beyond repair, it can easily be replaced with an identical uniform for very little money.

Healthcare workers also wear scrubs to protect their own personal clothing. With the various spills that healthcare employees can go through on any given day, wearing their own clothing would come with a high risk of staining or even destroying the clothes. Scrubs are so readily available that they can be replaced whenever necessary.

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16 October 2020