Why It's Really Helpful To Meet With A Nutritionist During Your First Trimester

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When you first find out you are pregnant, there are so many things to be excited about. You can get excited to name your baby, decorate the nursery, and plan a baby shower. This excitement is wonderful, but don't let it keep you from also making smart moves for your own health and for your baby's health at this time. One of those smart moves should be meeting with a nutritionist during your first trimester. Here's why that's so helpful.

You'll learn how much you really need to eat

As soon as you become pregnant, it's common for your appetite to change. Some people become ravenous. Others are suddenly not hungry at all. Combine this changed appetite with changing nutrition needs, and it can be tough to know how much you really should be eating. You may wonder if you should follow your instincts or try to adhere to a specific calorie goal. A nutritionist can give you a lot of insight here. Based on your own size, appetite, and activity level, they can tell you how much you really need to be eating, taking the guessing out of it.

You'll get ideas for healthier foods to eat

Once they learn they are pregnant, most people want to eat as healthily as possible in order to ensure their baby's health. However, you may not know what foods are the best choices. Should you be eating oatmeal and peaches in the morning, or is a protein-rich breakfast best? A nutritionist can explain what, exactly, a healthy diet looks like for a pregnant woman so you're not constantly worried whether your food choices are beneficial.

You'll learn how to manage symptoms with diet

Many of the symptoms of early pregnancy can actually be managed with diet. Morning sickness, heartburn, and even headaches can be reduced or even done away with completely if you know what foods to eat and when. A nutritionist can review any symptoms you've been experiencing and offer diet-based solutions. They can also tell you about other symptoms that may arise later in your pregnancy and give you tips for dealing with those via diet.

Visiting a nutritionist during your first trimester is one of the many things you can do to set yourself and your baby up for a healthier pregnancy and a healthier life. You are what you eat, and your baby is what you eat, so what you eat is so important at this time.

If you have additional questions, contact a local nutrition consulting service.


2 April 2021