5 Indicators That You Need Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss is a common problem in the United States. As noted in a quick statistics about hearing, approximately 37.5 million Americans aged 18 and above report some trouble hearing. For most people experiencing hearing loss, the primary solution is hearings aids. But, how do you know if you need these electronic devices?

Here are five indicators that you may want to consider hearing aids:

1. Tinnitus

Have you ever experienced noises or ringing in one or both of your ears? The condition is known as tinnitus. As noted in a recent study, about 20% of people in the world, mainly the aged, suffer from this condition. The sound or noise you hear is not external, but a symptom of hearing loss. However, the problem can be treated through hearing aids and other treatment options that mask the noise.

2. Trouble Hearing During Phone Calls

One of the main signs that you need hearing aids is trouble hearing when making a phone call. You might keep asking the speaker to raise their voice. On other occasions, you find yourself adjusting the earpiece's volume, thinking that it might improve your hearing ability. If you have such a problem, you might be experiencing hearing loss, and you need prompt medical attention.

3. Your TV or Radio is Always on Maximum Volume

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you barely hear what the radio or TV is saying, especially if it is on low volume. When watching or listening to music, you keep on turning the volume louder. People around you, and even neighbors, keep on complaining of noise, yet you don't see anything wrong with it. Probably you have a problem with your ears, and you need to get hearing aids.

4. You Strain to Follow Conversations

People with hearing loss can hardly follow conversations. When chatting with someone, you find yourself asking them to repeat what they have said. As noted in a study on how to recognize hearing loss, hearing loss can be stressful, especially when one can't capture what others are saying during a conversation. If you have such a problem, you need to go for a hearing evaluation, and most likely, the doctor will recommend hearing aids.

5. Every Environment Seems Noisy to You

Hearing loss makes it hard for you to process multiple competing signals. When having a conversation when the radio is on, your ears are most likely to capture the noise rather than what others are saying. If you have trouble masking background noise, you need to go for an ear check-up. Hearing aids can save you from physical and mental fatigue experienced trying to capture and process different incoming signals.


Sometimes, most signs of hearing loss appear normal, and many people ignore them. Permanent hearing loss develops gradually and starts with minor symptoms. Trouble hearing is treatable, and maybe what you need is hearing aids.


28 April 2021