Appealing Benefits of Having a Gastric Sleeve Surgically Placed

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You may have spent years trying to lose weight with no success. Each time you dieted, you might have seen a few pounds come off, only to be added back on because of stubborn lifestyle or dietary habits. 

Rather than yo-yo up and down the scale, you may be ready to pursue a more permanent solution to your weight loss challenges. You might finally reach your weight loss goals by having a gastric sleeve surgically placed around your stomach.

1. More Successful Weight Loss

Unlike dieting, gastric sleeve surgery typically results in more successful weight loss for patients. In fact, some people lose up to half of their former body weights, if not more, depending on how much that they weighed before their surgeries.

With that, when you have dozens or even hundreds of pounds to lose, you may find it somewhat easier and more successful when you undergo gastric sleeve surgery. You can shed the pounds that stubbornly stayed on when you tried dieting and exercising. You can finally achieve your weight loss goals.

2. Chronic Conditions Relief

Further, patients who undergo gastric sleeve operations often experience relief from chronic conditions from which they previously suffered. People with high blood pressure, for example, may see a drop in their blood pressure readings and need to take less medication. Likewise, people with joint pain may find it easier to walk and stand as they lose weight and take pressure off their knees, hips, feet and lower backs.

When you get a gastric sleeve placed around your stomach, you may progressively see an improvement in your health as you lose weight. When you reach your weight loss goals, you may have normal blood pressure readings, better cholesterol levels and healthier joints, among other health improvements.

3. Outpatient Surgery

Finally, gastric sleeve operations do not require lengthy in-hospital stays. Most are done on an outpatient basis and allow you to go home within hours after you get out of surgery. They also do not typically require lengthy recovery periods because they lack invasive cutting and suturing. You can heal faster from your gastric sleeve surgery and get back to your regular life faster.

Gastric sleeve surgery can offer you several benefits. It may result in more successful weight loss. It also can relieve or reverse some chronic health ailments like joint pain. Likewise, it also does not require a lengthy recovery period.


3 August 2021