The Key Facts About Custom Orthotics: Things To Think About

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Although most people experience foot, heel, knee, and other joint pain at some stage of their lives, most assume that this is just something to be tolerated until it goes away. What if that pain is persistent and doesn't seem to go away? That's when you might find that you need orthotics to help the situation. Unfortunately, many people are ill-informed about orthotics and the role that they can play. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know to help you better understand orthotics and the role that they can play in helping you deal with pain and discomfort.

Orthotics Help, They Don't Harm

One of the most common misconceptions about custom orthotics is that they're going to leave you feeling more uncomfortable and they may cause you more damage by altering your posture, gait, and more. While there may be an initial adjustment period when you first start wearing a custom orthotic, it shouldn't cause you any additional discomfort. 

You'll find that your custom orthotic actually relieves your pain and discomfort by fixing your posture and giving you support, strength, and padding where you need it. This is important for many conditions and, over time, can drastically reduce or eliminate your pain. That's because custom orthotics are created precisely for you, and they are designed exclusively with your needs in mind.

People Of All Ages Can Benefit From Orthotics

Some people dismiss the idea of custom orthotics for their condition because their perception of these devices is that they are designed for older individuals, including the elderly. While older adults do commonly rely on them because of illnesses, such as diabetes, they aren't the only ones who use them. In fact, the truth is that orthotics are beneficial for people of all ages, including children, young adults, and more. Custom orthotics are also popular for athletes and can make a difference even for toddlers and young children if they need them.

Orthotics May Not Be Necessary Forever

There are some individuals who could benefit from the use of custom orthotics, but they resist the idea because of a fear that they will have to use those orthotics forever. The truth is that some conditions only require the use of custom orthotics for a brief period, and then you can discontinue their use once the treatment period is over. However, you may find that custom orthotics are so comfortable that you would rather continue wearing them because you may not even realize that they are there.

Orthotics Are A Versatile Treatment

Many people associate orthotics with treating foot problems, but that is far from their only role. In fact, custom orthotics can serve many purposes, including addressing back, hip, knee, and leg problems. Remember that your feet serve as the foundation for your entire body, and your posture can be affected by so many different things. That's why custom orthotics can be far more versatile than you might have originally thought. Your orthopedic specialist can tell you if a custom orthotic might be a beneficial investment for your situation.

All Orthotics Are Different

You've probably seen orthotics for sale at your local pharmacy or similar stores. As a result, you might think that you can just buy something over the counter instead of working with an orthopedist to get a custom orthotic. The truth is that all orthotics are not created equally. Custom orthotics are far superior for treating specific conditions because those orthotics can be crafted precisely to fit your needs. That's far more targeted than you'll see from an over-the-counter orthotic device.

These are a few of the many reasons why you should consider talking with an orthopedist about custom orthotics for your needs. Talk with a specialist near you today for more info.


8 March 2022