How Stem Cell Therapy Helps Long-Distance Runners After Injuring Knee Tendons

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Knee pain is a common problem for long-distance runners, especially after an injury. For example, a cross-country competitor who trips and falls may tear ligaments in their knees that take a long time to recover. Unfortunately, that may limit their competitive window and cause struggles with their career. Thankfully, high-quality stem cell treatments and injections may ensure they get back on their feet quickly.

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps With Knee Injuries

Stem cell injections have become a powerful treatment option for many types of injuries because they are adaptable and practical. For example, stem cells may help an injured runner regain competitive shape when appropriately used by ensuring that their knee heals properly. Likewise, using stem cells to help after a severe knee injury will help cross-country competitors because of how it:

  • Promotes Healing: Stem cells are unique because they are the purest form of cells, meaning they have yet to take form. As a result, it is easy for stem cell specialists to inject them directly into an injured area to promote healing by replacing tendon and muscle cells more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reforms Torn Tendons: After tearing tendons in a knee injury, it may take many months for a runner to get back to competitive shape. Stem cell injections may increase their tendon's healing speed and help them heal more properly, cutting back on their downtime and promoting better competition.
  • Minimizes Reinjury Problems: The biggest issue with tendon problems is their tendency to get injured again after healing. However, stem cells may decrease this risk by helping the tendons heal properly and more intensely, allowing a runner to compete heavily without fear of getting hurt again.

Critically, this process is best approached as soon as possible after the injury to give the body time to heal. That doesn't mean that stem cell injections a week or more after the incident can't help. It just means that the benefits may vary, so it is essential for long-distance runners to talk with their doctor about what kind of care methods make the most sense for their needs.

Getting Treatment Effectively

Those runners who damage their knees while competing should talk with a stem cell specialist to learn more about what treatments may benefit them. For example, their doctor may understand various care options that improve this method's effectiveness, such as stabilization and physical therapy. Just as importantly, they can identify steps that help increase a person's healing speed. 

For more information about knee pain stem cell therapy, contact a local company. 


9 February 2023